Bose Bluetooth Speaker Not Pairing

Bose Bluetooth Speaker Not Pairing - Amazing Speaker By Joshua Easters - I recently purchased a Jambox because I was looking for a small wireless speaker that I could just throw in a bag and take wherever. While the size of the Jambox was nice, I always felt that it lacked in sound quality and felt the max volume was much too quiet. Thankfully Bose introduced this product while I was still in the return period with the Jambox, so I returned the Jambox and payed the extra in order to get the Soundlink. I was not completely sure what to expect from the Soundlink. I have one of the Sounddock speakers, and the sound from that device is amazing, so I was not expecting it to sound as good due to the smaller size, but just wanted something that surpassed the Jambox in volume and sound quality.

Bose SoundLink

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

When I got the Soundlink home and tried it out, I was completely surprised. This little thing sounds amazing! As some other reviewers said, this really does make the Jambox sound like a toy in comparison. It really is quite amazing that something this small and portable produces audio that sounds this good. It is significantly larger than the Jambox, but its size still makes it very easy to take around in a bag. If you are looking for a portable, wireless, battery-powered speaker, you will not find a better one than the Soundlink Mobile speaker from Bose.

Be Still, My Beating Heart By Pie Grrrl If you can afford it and LOVE music and need to play it in odd sites, away from electicity, BUY IT! I'm a long, long time Bose fan. Bought 3 Bose Wave Radio/CD players, 13 years ago. Still perform flawlessly, never a skip to the CD's and the original batteries in the remote have NEVER BEEN REPLACED!!! That is a lot of *bang*, for my buck!

In mid-January I dropped by my local Bose store to sign up for the Super Bowl sweepstakes and was admiring the "premium" SL, the one with the leather cover. I mentioned to the salesman that I had purchased the nylon model when it was first available and that the leather model wasn't in stock when I made my purchase or I would have bought it instead. Even though there was nothing wrong with my nearly 4 month old SL, he graciously offered to swap a leather model for mine plus my payment for the $50 difference. So I made the switch yesterday. I very much like the nylon model, but the leather one does look better and should travel well. Is it worth the $50 upgrade? Well, that depends on your taste and your budget. Obviously, the sound quality is the same and that's really the bottom line. In any case, kudos to Bose for great customer service!

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker Price: $218.99

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