Bose SoundLink Mini Surprisingly Good

Bose SoundLink Mini Surprisingly Good. I will preface this review by saying that as a rule, I think of Bose was a bad brand. However, I could not help but impressed by the SoundLink Mini. The bluetooth interface is simple and easy to use. With my Moto X, lasts at least 4 links through the wall and walk 30 or so. The battery seems to run forever. For it is the size, the sound can only be described as surprisingly good. Sharp, clear MIDs and highs more bass than something small it should be able to produce. I've used it in small rooms, and rooms are very large, high ceiling to similar effect. Needs to be placed on a flat, hard surface to work properly. Great build quality, feels very sturdy. Overall I can highly recommend it to anyone who needs a portable speaker system.

Bose SoundLink Mini

Bose SoundLink Mini

I have tested most of the Bluetooth speakers are similar and in my opinion doesn't come close to the sound quality of this little guy. Last for a reasonable amount of time the battery as well. I'd say the pp. 4-5hrs at 75-80% of the volume. Just be aware to cycle the batteries correctly by drying it down and completely filled it. There is no problem at all to pair with multiple iOS devices. Get cases, it does not make a bomb proof but provides protection of offspring.

I bought one for me and it was so fantastic, I bought one for my son. The Bose SoundLink Mini sound is out of this world. Apart from how well it handles music, I plugged into my TV and the difference in sound quality for amazing dialog. I don't believe we can get quality sound from a small speaker after 25 years ago. How times have changed.

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker Price: $199.00

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