Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100 Excellent Sound and Quality

Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100 Excellent sound and quality By Jaime Rook. This is one of the most fun things that I have bought. I get so much use out of the speaker. I'm thinking of buying a second! The sound quality is superb. These are awesome!!! We have given many as gifts!!! They are awesome! For the price, this is pretty sweet. A friend of mine has the Bose Sound Link, which is similar in size, but about twice the price. The Bose does have more bass, but I think this one sounds more natural, especially for acoustical music, and it outs out good bass for it size as well, but the Bose does boom a little more and has a few more db's overall volume. This speaker has excellent sound, far beyond my expectations. I keep it on my second floor and get clear, well balanced sound throughout every room.

Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100

Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100

Perfect for my needs By T. Ratliff. I got this as a gift over the holidays (I put it on my wishlist), and so far, I'm really, really happy with it. We use it in our kitchen / dining area for both music and streaming radio. It's not going to blow your socks off like a high-end system, but the sound is really nice at a moderate / background level. The one downside is that the sound can be somewhat muddy at times, particularly for podcasts, news, or anything that is spoken word. However, I found out that this is really only an issue for me when it's sitting on one of the emptier kitchen cabinets. If I move it to the wide window sill, onto to something that isn't so hollow, or put a thick hardback underneath it, then the sounds cleans up nicely. We also have it paired with six or seven devices, and it's worked fine for us. All in all, this Bluetone 100 is definitely a keeper for us.

Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $299.00

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