Creative Labs Sound Blaster AXX 200 High Performance

Creative Labs Sound Blaster AXX 200 High Performance, feature Rich and Intelligent Wireless Sound System. In short, if you got it for US $ 149.99 or less, it is portable, value for money and affordability of wireless intelligent voice system. Has so many features that I will only mention those that I have been actively used. The speaker made in China but there is no problem with that, the build quality and the audio quality is very good. I bought this mainly for the performance of the audio output. You can use it as a mp3 player by copying audio files to the micro SD card (max. 32 GB capacity, supported). Supported files are wma (lossless not included), mp3 (up to 320 kbps work) and wav (lossless). I am using 1 GB and works well. You can use the built-in rear speakers buttons to play, pause, skip or skip folders Terk.

Creative Labs Sound Blaster AXX 200

Creative Labs Sound Blaster AXX 200

This device sounds great speakers. And Yes, they are hard. It is your main interest in this, right? It Should Be. In spite of all the additional functions of a portable speaker, have to sound great. I was surprised that when I put my hand on the back of the speaker and feel the air movement when I change volume. No other portable speakers in the categories I have checked already. There should be a check box next to the great quality of the engineering and design for this model. Fit and finish is good and the build quality is solid. It doesn't feel cheap like some other portable speaker system.

Clarity in audio playback is excellent. The sound is rich, but the frequency of separated, adding depth and spaciousness of sound produced by these speakers. Engineers have a hard time getting the stereo separation to produce the sound "big" when you have two small speakers positioned closely together. Creative takes care of this by offsetting the speaker to produce a greater voice.

This is just a stereo portable speaker system that supports a variety of input and processing controls and includes dedicated audio chip. The Sound Blaster AXX 200 sound is amazing, obviously (and loud) and many useful functions, including. Five out of five stars.

Creative Labs Sound Blaster AXX 200 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $149.00

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