FoxL Dash7 Staggeringly Great Sound

FoxL Dash7 Staggeringly Great Sound. I love my little foxL Dash 7 because I use it with my ipad to watch movies that otherwise I can't hear. I hate my little foxL Dash 7 because the sound it so great that it forces me to multi-task - I now am able to listen to movies and cook at the same time even with the fan over my stove going full on. All kidding aside, I had some problems when I first got the little critter, and I called the company directly instead of sending it back to Amazon because I live in the woods and bluetooth and wifi can be a problem here. I was figuring that the problem was on my end (and it was), but customer service was ever so great and they sent me a new one just to be sure (sure enough when they got mine back it worked just fine). I love giving credit to a great company - with a staggeringly great product.

FoxL Dash7

FoxL Dash7

By A. G. Lopez - The sound is truly excellent for the size of this mighty speaker.Just realize the limitations of it. You will get distortion at highest volumes though and with some tones just due to the size and design. That is going to be natural. Still,It is Amazing. Simple and plain. I own the TDK a33 and Sounlink mini, with the sound preference for me going to the A33 but it isnt as portable as the Soundlink mini. Yet as good as the soundlink mini sounds it is heavy, still more portable though than the tdk .. but it lacks definition of the highs and muddies the mids. Another annoying thing about the Bose is when I play Music in bluetooth there is a stutter that is annoying. every 15 seconds or so it occurs. I am hoping a future update will adress this issue as My Note 3 with the Dash 7 and TDK do not have this problem, It is weird. Still the Soundlink mini is incredible even with all the nit picks I have.

The TDK is excellent at all volumes with great bass from highest volumes to the lowest. It is just a brick though. Still it is water and dirt resistant and we use it to play music in the house and backyard as it can be pushed without distorting at higher volumes unlike the soundlink mini. The weakpoint was the use of the ni-cad batteries in the a33. The a34 (which is the updated a33 model) adressed this issue with li-ion.

In ending this, the soundmatters has become my daily Speaker to carry with me, replacing the bose just due to its sound and portablity. I can live without the deeper bass for awhile. Where the A33 is used at home or camping now. I use the mini when I do art work or bills now mostly.

FoxL Dash7 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $249.00

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