iClever IC-BTS02 A Shiny Little Gem

iClever IC-BTS02 A shiny little gem. I received one of these directly from the company to try. They do not ask for or suggest that I wrote a favourable review, they just asked that I leave an honest review. As far as I am aware this identical items retail. This will make a very nice gift for someone with a cell phone, tablet, laptop etc, and they want to have a richer sound experience. This is a little gem. The basic design, but the modern and sleek. The main body is a cube-like, although it's high a bit longer than it is wide. It is surrounded by a shiny anthracite metallic colored covers, divided by very thin matte blue plastic separator that highlights a little inner curve on the equator of the unit. The top end business speaker device and have the Bluetooth symbol on the hard plastic, Center dot patterned, speaker grills. The bottom of the main control housing units-three simple buttons on and off switch. Finally, there is the product logo and illuminated buttons that serve as a fourth power indicator and indicator Bluetooth pairing advance units.

iClever IC-BTS02

iClever IC-BTS02

I've had this device for three days and there are many things I appreciate about this speaker. The compact size makes it convenient to take almost anywhere. If you work in a small office or using the device in the vicinity of people who you believe, it is a very nice addition to any desk or table.

The sound quality is very satisfying. This little speaker isn't going to fool people to think they're at a night club. However, if you have a small group of friends and want to enjoy some music together, this little gem can certainly be life of the party. I would definitely recommend iClever IC-BTS02 for listening to music and podcasts without having to get Earwax someone on your headphones.

iClever IC-BTS02 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $29.99

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