Marshall Woburn The Best in Stand Alone Speakers

Marshall Woburn The best in Stand Alone Speakers. I was a bit worried about getting this speaker because I couldn't find ANY reviews of it, which inspired me to post a review. The speaker is beautifully packaged and presented upon arrival. I can't imagine it looking bad anywhere. The sound that it produces really is amazing. I had the high-end Bose Sounddock 10, which itself is a wonderful speaker. But the major difference is the clarity and "live" feeling of the Marshall. The bose almost feels to polished, and thus a little muted. This speaker hits all of the bass notes that every hip-hop head wants (such as myself). "Welcome to Jamrock" was one of my first bass heavy songs I played on the speaker, and it sounded perrrrrrfect. This also applies for hard hitting rock songs, such as "Numb" by Gary Clark Jr., a favorite of mine. I have never heard the steel of the guitar strings like that on a stand alone speaker. On the Woburn, you can always hear every instrument, vocal, and even the little strains in your favorite singers voice that you never heard, that extra emotion that you only get when you are at a live show. It truly is a remarkable speaker.

Marshall Woburn

Marshall Woburn

This is not a wimpy Bluetooth speaker By Kendall Giles. f you are tired of wimpy little Bluetooth speakers for your mobile devices or laptops or whatever, then you should take a look at the Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker System. In the video I list the features of the speaker, show what comes in the box, show the speaker itself, and play a variety of royalty-free music tracks so you can hear what the speaker sounds like.

As you would expect from a Marshall product, this is a high quality speaker--it feels rock solid and it looks great. Most importantly it sounds brilliant--clear, crisp audio that doesn't distort as you crank the volume. It has Bluetooth, an optical input, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and an RCA jack, so you'll be able to connect to most any device.In the video I play the music with the volume knob on 2 (out of 10) -- the sound is quite loud, so this speaker is more than up to the job for most any room or office.

I have tested:

Bowers and Wilkins A7 - Second best. Not as great with getting gritty mids of heavy guitars, doesn't give you that "live" feeling.
Bose Sounddock 10 - Great speaker. Probably third best.
Bowers and Wilkins Zepplin - Too bass heavy.
Harmon Kardon Onyx - Not that great. Too bass heavy and muddled.
Harmon Kardon Aura - Nice speaker, especially at the price. But also a bit muddled
Marshall Strathmore - Same price range as the Aura, I prefer the Aura because when turned up it's clearer.

The feel and retro look of the switches and knobs and accessories is really nice--the quality shines through in all the detail and fit and finish. So if you really want to rock, I think you'll be very happy with this Marshall speaker.

Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker Price: $599.00

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