Phorus PR5 Wireless Speaker for a Great Price

Phorus PR5 Wireless Speaker for a Great Price - Phorus PR5 turned old dock into wireless speaker for a great price By Vincent Busam. After reading reviews of several Bluetooth speakers and how sound quality wasn’t the best, I decided to invest in a Phorus Receiver as a way to output directly to an older BeatBox speaker model and play music wirelessly. I haven’t tried the advertised multi-room features yet, but was impressed with the Receiver’s overall audio quality. I definitely recommend if you are looking to make an old speaker doc or stereo system feel like a wireless home audio system, without a major financial investment.

Phorus PR5

Phorus PR5

An audiophile's dream. Average at best for the rest of us By Abcha0s. This is great for lossless audio, Apple airplay and wireless streaming if distance (proximity to the device) is an issue. We are an Android family. There were rumors that Google might integrate play-fi in the Android OS thus allowing streaming from any app (like airplay does) . This is not the case yet. I'm not holding my breath.

The Phorus PR5 does deliver where it promises and I can definitely recommend it if you are frustrated by A2DP compression. Don't buy it just for bluetooth as it's not any better than the competition here. Note to Phorus and DTS. You really need native Android integration for any hope of play-fi gaining market traction. Figure out some way of partnering with Google to achieve this. Without it, it is a niche product for a select group of audiophile's.

Phorus PR5 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $179.99

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