Pure Jongo T4X Great Price for Flexible System

Pure Jongo T4X Great price for such a flexible system. The best thing about the jongo is the flexibility. Being able to use with wiifi or bluetooth is a winner. There is also the ability to connect to an external audio source such as CD player etc. The speaker is robust seems well made and is pretty easy on the eye. I also like the fact you can change the grill colour and mount on the wall. The sound quality is solid. It's not as good as bose or sonos but it isn't bose or sonos! The cost of this product is also a plus because if you want to buy a number of speakers to stream around the home then it's not going to break the bank. The sound quality is better through the wi if than it is bluetooth, however I use the system with bluetooth as I prefer spotify. The pure connect app is ok but a bit clunky compared to spotify. In summary I'm pleased with the purchase the system gives me the flexibility I need and is also pretty discreet when mounted on the wall.

Pure Jongo T4X

Pure Jongo T4X

Superb Jongos By J. Curran. We bought two of these for a large kitchen diner and have been very impressed. Easy setup, they updated themselves once connected to our wifi, and can be run both by I phone and android phone, also via Bluetooth. Internet radio is great, the signal is stronger than our DAB radio in the same room and is completely steady. The station carries on playing even when the phone that has connected them goes out of range. I can play all my I-cloud music via iPhone through the wifi too. The two speakers Pure Jongo T4X synced easily to be a stereo pair. So now we have bought both a T2 and S3 for upstairs and they also work together and separately beautifully. So pleased!

Pure Jongo T4X Bluetooth Speaker Price: $217.22

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