Rapoo A300 Heavy Sound and Long Battery Life

Rapoo A300 Heavy Sound and Long Battery Life. I grab my stuff and take with me. Clear the smartphone and a small acoustic companion. Whether the 3 Watt bundled Cube Power of the A300 Rapoo enough for a trip into the open? Thank Rapoo may still be a term that is surely change in the near future, as the products of the hardware manufacturer are to be found in all major electronics retailers. A new producer, it has always been difficult, because many, especially in the multimedia segment, as a "low-cost producer" to be stamped, occasionally also true. Very different but it looks with the products of Rapoo which usually look not only good, but also with a fine selection of materials therefore come and be attractively packaged. The solid average processing completes the overall look and also managed from the sound there is nothing to complain about, right?

Rapoo A300

Rapoo A300

Good quality, good sound and bass, but could be louder By Andreas. Has a very high quality and looks very good. Touchscreen above could be better. But on the whole, a top device with little upside potential. Of course, should be previously said that you would expect from such a compact enclosure not true miracle. Someone who makes high demands on the sound result and also has a loose wallet, it is with such mini-speakers generally have a hard time and since the A300 is no exception. From another point of view considered, pressed and vibrates the small 3 watt speakers, despite its size quite well behind the grille and scores with a still very respectable sound. Especially in the bass range, membrane sets over backward and supplies in the middle of a good sound. Only the heights suffer noticeably below the bass-heavy orientation and have to admit defeat. For a better sound you can lay down the cube gently so that the grid shows up, but the slider protrudes slightly out of the housing on and off, which makes the speaker unfortunately are not quite level. The volume of the cube can be found on the smartphone and the cube itself to 100% without this leading to anomalies in the sound. For this, the A300 is at the highest level in comparison to other mini-speaker systems (eg. As JAY-tech Mini Bass Cube SA101) comparatively much quieter therefore. Depending on the music power the little devil holding out approximately 12 hours before he screams again after a charge, and in fact, my test pattern was not even after a long barbecue run out of steam.

+ Good sound
+ Solid build quality
+ Good choice of materials
+ Elegant design
+ Long battery life
+ Easy Pairing using NFC
+ Aux mode (cable included)
+ Carrying bag available
+ Telephony thanks microphone possible

- Heights go under by the bass-heavy orientation
- On / off switch protrudes
- Touch panel reacts slightly delayed
- USB socket adapter is not enclosed

So I know exactly which is taken to the small and compact A300 at a barbecue evening or a trip to the lake definitely. At a price of around 50 euros you get a small sound of dice with solid workmanship, chic design and quite passable sound. For quite safe transport about a mark, is taken care of thanks to the included bag and long battery life can hardly miss an electrical outlet. However, if the smartphone times out of breath, one can dispense with Bluetooth and instead set up a connection via AUX cable. Anyone looking for a small, chic and relatively cheap outdoor partner should look at the small A300 quiet in more detail.

Rapoo A300 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $45,08

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