Sol Republic Deck Awesome Wireless Speaker

Sol Republic Deck Awesome Wireless Speaker. Great speaker with really nice sound and exceptional volume for such a small device. Gotta Buy It! By Fattony. I am by no means a professional musician or electronics expert, just the average mid 30's consumer. I was looking for a decent Bluetooth speaker at a reasonable price. While I agree the price is a bit high on this, I took the plunge and bought it. I am glad I did. This speaker is AWESOME!!! It is extremely easy to use. It sounds incredible. Its pretty loud too. I had it playing while I was in the shower and could hear it clearly while it was sitting on the sink. I would definitely recommend buying this. Love the fun yellow color and flashing lights when you turn it on. We love it! I have been waiting to buy this for 6 months. My boss had one but paid $200 for his. The sound quality is great, battery has lasted over 10 hr's on 1 charge, and the built in subwoofer is awesome. Connected multiple phones to share music and the range is over 100ft. Also a bonus, indoor / outdoor mode and speaker phone.

Sol Republic Deck

Resolved: Perfect except for fatal flaw By Debra. Someone from Sol Republic Tech support reached out to me by email and a replacement unit is in the mail. Should be here by Wednesday. I'll update the review when I receive the new unit but for now I've changed my review to 4 stars, up from 2. This is a great speaker, and if the replacement doesn't have the same issue then I'll be a very happy customer.

Sol Republic Deck Bluetooth Speaker Price: $68.00

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