Audioengine B2 Premium A Superb Stereo

Audioengine B2 Premium a superb stereo. I really like these Bluetooth speakers series. The sound quality is great, it fills the entire room the size of the House, the kitchen and the living room. Interesting effortlessly. Bluetooth looks perfect. A good voice. See sounds, and Wren, but they can be read on the issue of plastic rattling with the port. The past few months, I've been slowly began to get rid of magnetic dust CD jewel cases from the bedside table of our master bedroom and guest room Tower CD collections and Home Office, slowly building a collection of classical music to my ITunes MP4s most buy Windows 7 Desktop and air my IPad. Is time to rid of Yamato 7 Tivoli sound system and CD player are unreliable and troublesome Classe audio CD transport has long been one of my main stereo system components. Tivoli replacement speakers and Bluetooth stereo system, connect to my desktop system time.

Audioengine B2 Premium

Audioengine B2 Premium

Have to say I was blown away. Do not believe that rich from his sound is very compact. Bach sounds like musicians in the living room. It sounds like there might have been the best of speakers and 2 minute hooked up. I have high-end speakers, so I'm not an audiophile, but I am untrained ears, the Audioengine B2 Premium sound Audioengine B2 Premiumis very rich and no distortion. As others have pointed out, fit and finish is great.

Audioengine B2 Premium Bluetooth Speaker Price: $299.00

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