Boom Swimmer Good Loud and Versatile

Boom Swimmer Good Loud and Versatile. Easy Bluetooth connectivity and voice more than expected! Great sound and easy connection to the iPhone. Didn't notice the problem. Works very well. I have found that the vacuum works better heard than hook the waves. Pointing device position fell to the floor and a few votes of a hook like that, plus it hangs down from the nozzle of the shower when water in front of it all the more urgent, I was in the shower when the sound device. There is no problem, receiving signals through the thick curtains shower. Sound is amazing. It is loud and clear, I believe the rubber coating helps maintain better sound quality volume. Voice prompts are a nice touch. This lets you know the pairing information and resources.

Boom Swimmer

Boom Swimmer

Provide superior listening to my chin and far easier to carry. Often used in baths, and even in the bedroom, I can just unscrew the tail and flipping to the table. A must have some people want their music, walk away and insisting on sound quality.

Costs is easy with the USB input. Couldn't be more pleased. Noise comes in a small package! I use these speakers everywhere ketikat bikes, bathing, even when I was working in the garage of the House. I would recommend Boom Swimmer to anyone looking for a versatile Bluetooth speaker is very good.

Boom Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker Price: $59.00

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