Boombotix Boombot REX Ditch The Headphones

Boombotix Boombot REX ditch the headphones. This has a great bass to it and connect seamlessly to my device. Works great as a speaker and microphone. Rex has been creating original marvel Boombot which in and of itself, but this latest version is killing! Sometimes I even use it as a speaker in the bathroom because it's waterproof! I also use it while riding a bike and when I stuff around the House. One of the best available Bluetooth speaker. Super loud with lot of features if you are a user of the iPhone. Some features will not work w/android as a series of integration. Attached to the messenger bag without a hitch and be able to stand up to the elements. You should take it snowboarding and travel in wet weather and countless biking kept bumpin. The battery is good as well.

Boombotix Boombot REX

Boombotix Boombot REX

Sounds really amazing! I love the extended battery life! Go up and running for hours! One thing I like about Rex is the power button and the volume of ergonomically friendly. This makes it so easy to control on the fly. There simply are not versatile as Rex, other Bluetooth speakers, and I did my homework. I am glad that I was able to meet and talk on the phone while riding my bike, and the songs skip all without touching the phone. I liked my original Rex for almost a year now and I really love this new accessory in 2015 Rex!

Great sound for the size and price. As far as I know, Boombotix Boombot REX very good build quality and intuitive setup and use. Do yourself a favor, though, and forget about using mobile applications Boombotix company at all.

Boombotix Boombot REX Bluetooth Speaker Price: $43.77

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