Creative D100 Great Sound for $40

Creative D100 Great sound for $40. You can find the sound to the speakers and better sounding speakers, but we are talking about the speaker in its price range $ 40 when it comes to these speakers are hard to beat. Longer duration batteries, you can run it, I get 10 + hours or run through the power cable. Filled with surprisingly rich sound in my room a lot. You will not be disappointed if you try other speakers in this price range, the speaker is a winner. Sound quality is perfect for this type of speakers. Loud enough to completely fill the room or the pool area is small. I really love on the beach, find high quality did not suffer too much volume. As with any small speakers, if you go to the extreme, volume and some distortion on bass-heavy songs. But with a little distortion and bass sounds great, if you have set the appropriate volume to type for streaming audio.

Creative D100

Creative D100

In this connection, there is no remote. Volume is the only way to control the volume, and volume buttons the front speakers or streaming from your device only when it is allowed. IPhone can not change the speaker volume, siphons, portable computers but I can. In use, I don't need a remote database. I usually set the speaker volume environment. With Bluetooth-enabled devices are very simple and fast.

Four AA batteries Creative D100 are good. This is so long, I can't even enter an hourly estimate. It also comes with a power adapter, but I never use it. Battery compartment is at the bottom of the speaker. I really rolled from room to room to enjoy, while I do the task.

Creative D100 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $39.99

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