Divoom Bluetune Bean An Excellent Piece of Equipment

Divoom Bluetune Bean an excellent piece of equipment. This little Bluetooth speaker is very impressive. This little speaker sounds much better than I expected. It's not stereo, but audio quality is great. It is so small it clip into some good work of tablet computers. I play my music via Bluetooth from my Smartphone. Works very well and has a great voice. I use it as my shower every morning on the radio, play Pandora in my phone, and then plays through speakers use Bluetooth. Small size, big sound, you will need a portable speaker. I've even been using it just to put it on the counter, I went on without interruption. This paired with a fast and easy to use iPhone and iPad.

Divoom Bluetune Bean

Divoom Bluetune Bean

Remove the hard, clear sound amazing. I only wish you could have 2 Divoom Bluetune Bean, connecting them into a different room, in the House. Better than this: mic so I can have a hands-free conversations and Conference calls. A very good product! Would definitely recommend them.

Divoom Bluetune Bean Bluetooth Speaker Price: $29.00

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