Fin Audio IPX7 Surely Waterproof

Fin Audio IPX7 surely waterproof. I bought this for my wife, because she was very willing to listen to some music while singing in the bath when she likes sangta this product, great voice and is absolutely waterproof. Does not interfere with the shower speaker of the House. The sound quality is great, my daughter liked it because she also took with her mother while showering. This is definitely not a small loudspeaker had little voice! This sounds clear, you can open the loudest. Operation and connection is a breeze! I don't think I can really express how much love this product! Setup and pairing with my phone and my wife needed time less than 5 minutes.

Fin Audio IPX7

Fin Audio IPX7

The sound quality is good. I'm glad I was able to change the music from the device, there is control over phone lines! Battery life Fin Audio IPX7 is very impressive too! I can't wait to add to our fun in the summer, Lake in the boat dock!

Fin Audio IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $29.99

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