Infinity One Premium Very Good Choice

Infinity One Premium Very good choice with 4 speaker driver 45 mm and 2 passive radiators, 25watts. The battery is sealed in the infinite one speaker can not be changed. Although the sound quality is a very personal and subjective and comparative evaluation, this bass is the equivalent of a Soundlink, if not elitist. This is the listening to the speaker. World wide stereo unlimited reseller is 35 years old and very proud of it. Different types of sex music hour. Connect it to two tablets immediately so that I can switch between 2. Nice! Some settings are only sitting (ear) levels between 12 ' and most importantly keep the volume on 8, 10 and this is hard! It clearly defines all the instruments, can reach a height over the smooth vocals with clarity is good and the bass is tight and precise.

Infinity One Premium

Infinity One Premium

Steely Dan best saxophone listen treats. Guitar/violin/drums/violin/Horn. All sounds spectacular! You can immediately find out when you take it out of the box it is quality. I have made this about 15-25 more Bluetooth speaker set compared to other electronic stores. This limited beat them all for what I need and maybe for your needs! If different from someone reading this review, I'm an audiophile. If an infinite number of hi-fi quality? But it's quite superior to the lure of presents! Get one, you will be very happy to hear from you.

Speaker great!!. It was all that it promises. It did not let me down. I would like to add a handle and/or move, and give it in her hand again given the State of feeling uncomfortable look. Properly connected to the iPhone, Android and laptop, and you can easily alternate between two devices to use. The battery lasts as long as I m รก XIMUM volumes in the afternoon. MicroUSB charging it can be in the car, and for charging the mobile phone. I love my purchase!!

I have been using a limited one for about a month now, and I love it! Research two weeks doing the ALT value, take a look at the speaker. After a tough decision, I choose the one with 0 regrets. It has a very clear from low points, mid) and bass. Another nice feature is the fact that it can be recharged on my mobile phone, easily NFC, synchronization and headset. I highly recommend Infinity One Premium speakers! Perfect! An excellent choice! This premium speakers! 100% recommend!

Infinity One Premium Bluetooth Speaker Price: $249.95

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