Jabra Solemate Big Sound in Small Package

Jabra Solemate big sound in small package. Superb sound from a big portability, a small packet of Tin Fong, solid battery life. I also like to particularly vulnerable to match my Droid and my MacBook's voice commands. The sound quality is very good, looks and everything, small and highly portable well. I can move it around to the garage, and it needs to, the music also uses it to the main family room. Voice, rich in content, is more than many small, ultra portable speaker. It is clear and not too loud. Maximum levels of a little extra rather than a nuisance. Is 100% it just distorts and even minimal distortion when you reach maximum volume. Ideal for clear, is one of the button or the volume on my iPhone twice.

Jabra Solemate

Jabra Solemate

There must be some form of electronic equalizers, to mimic the bass voice no real bass a lot. Portability is great, awesome sound. Pick up original drug, because the base Jabra Solemate is so beautiful!

Jabra Solemate Bluetooth Speaker Price: $100.00

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