Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K A Pleasant Surprise

Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K A pleasant surprise. Speakerboard better than I had expected, it was then I saw in the store and deliver great sound. We can run our iTunes through speakers via Apple tv because we don't need a separate stereo. Panasonic speakerboard have only three HDMI connection HDMI-arc connection on your TV, HDMI to connect dvd and sky optics for optical connected to source out on your TV or another. There are also two small entrances (and white) for voting. I'm going to connect the TV to hdmi ARC speakerboard. ARC stands for Audio Return Channel so if your TV has HDMI input HDMI (ARC) marked as [input, usually 1], you can connect the TV and the Soundbar with just one HDMI cable, and this carries both video and audio signals to — you don't need to use optical too. If you currently have a box attached says.

Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K

Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K

Good Speakerboard I bought this because I find it hard to hear voices on TV and speakerboard make all the difference. Now hear what is said easily. I am very worried that it will be difficult to set up, but it's so easy to just plug up and use HDMI arc to connect to TV. Turn on and play around with the phone to get the sound you want. Easy to use-can't go wrong.

Great sound system, offering high-quality sound from your TV or even under cabinets. The perfect solution when you don't have the space or do you want a well designed room with speakers not great/awful. I am very happy with Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K speakerboard. After wondering about the soundbar to my age love chose this instead. The sound is great. Easy to install and use. Easily customizable. That was exactly what I expected and it sounds much better than I could have imagined.

Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K Bluetooth Speaker Price: $362.44

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