Soen Transit XS A High Level of Design

Soen Transit XS A high level of design, attention to detail, the quality of these speakers super impressed! Even the packaging is very impressive! Bluetooth connection easier, great sound. And it is small but mighty. Very excited about this product! Flexibility is great. The first time I installed in my computer directly using a cable with 3.5 ". Sounds like a good offer, but my computer does not have Bluetooth. The same cable used in MP3 players. The sound is great. I do cable 3.5 "it longer though. In the design is really beautiful. Very solid conductor sound perfect over, jumped into the Interior feel. Very happy to have this sitting on my desk, if acoustic and classic tracks. Bose Soundlink Mini me compared it cannot reproduce the bass and Mid in the same way. Also an issue in some top of the range, will not fill the room as well.

Soen Transit XS

Soen Transit XS

Speakers are very open and detailed sound, very portable, high quality. Soen transit really shines as a speaker's voice is the most open and detailed, who hasn't heard yet from these small speakers. This does not distort at high volumes and elegant balance and the difference is in the market for most of the Bluetooth speaker sound.

Soen transit has soft guitar sounds to convey an elegant search and connection. Bose was also similar. Jambox was a little stiff, almost toyish sounds tacky and when you connect or touch volume buttons. You may find these mini 1980 jambox also bad enough, remove them from your point of view.

Conversation with friends or colleagues in a meeting, Soen transit can be used as a hands-free Headsets feature, I found it really comfortable. If you travel or want to take you out of the House I would recommend field in transit. In my opinion it is better to design and build quality.

I use Soen Transit XS 1-2 hours a day after transit and cost per 4-5. Slim charger standard costs fast enough. During the transfer process is one of the coolest features is a pointer on the remaining units of iPhone/iPad batteries to install any application.

Soen Transit XS Bluetooth Speaker Price: $169.99

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