SONOS PLAY:5 Sturdy Build and Good Quality

SONOS PLAY:5 Sturdy build and good quality. Sonos controller App is easy to use and very easy to use. Even my 6 year old boy, I know how to handle their own problems with zero after the first time I showed. The good thing is the ability to extract more of this compact yet powerful speakers all the way without burning a hole in your pocket to begin with. I am currently using it in my kitchen, which opens to the dining room and these speakers fill the entire room with sound. For the size, the sound is nothing short of a full and rich bass. Nice and clear highs. The speakers are very good quality and it has some nice weight to it must have a rival speaker BOSE sound. The application works very well with other music services. I'm planning to get another to the bathroom.



The Sonos system is fantastic and a great voice. I was very pleased with the volume it produces. I used one of my amp to CONNECT: connect surround sound speakers are pre-installed on my ceiling. Set-up is very simple-the SONOS web Forum informing you how I have found that the relationship between the PLAYBAR surround sound and CONNECT: AMP is a bit more reliable if I link them together using ethernet cables; I think it's because the surround sound setup using connect: AMP need fill in the IP number? In any case, the surround sound system is great. But we also use the connections Pandora regularly, and again it was a seamless connection.

If you consider the PLAYBAR, you'll want to pay attention to other people's advice and consider the compatibility with TV you have or plan to buy. I ended up buying a TV at the same time as buying the SONOS PLAY:5 system, so I bought Sony in Dolby Digital 5.1 through because I'm not sure the optical pumping. And the volume of the PLAYBAR itself can be remote controlled TV (at least Sony remote that came with TV just naturally I adjusted volume PLAYBAR) means that watching TV can be single-remote control experience.

Finally, a consideration is important to me is another important factor: this sound system can be used by people who have no interest in things techy? My answer was Yes. Wife s

SONOS PLAY:5 Wireless Speaker Price: $399.00

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