Sony HT-CT770 2.1 Very Easy to Install and to Use

Sony HT-CT770 2.1 very easy to install and to use. Easy installation and great sound. Not as good as my old surround sound but that is all I need. A bar has no depth, but save space and remove all cables. Lots of volume and great low end response with a surprisingly clear midrange. It is produced by means not true surround sound, but for great sound and response I liked. It has 3 HDMI inputs for all my devices, which allows for a single feed/back to my TV. Size and shape are perfect to put in front of the TV. Clean well thought out and well constructed product remote has a range of options and settings that adapt to all types of display and a series of DVDs. good and very good sub woofers. Fits my 55 "Sony HD TV perfectly.

Sony HT-CT770 2.1

Sony HT-CT770

Fantastic sound with some tweaking and playing with the sound field. Subwoofer Sony HT-CT770 level control plus is a TV on the remote control (must), a powerful wireless subwoofer.

Sony HT-CT770 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $448.00

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