Sony SRSX5 Awesome device and Exceeds Expectations

Sony SRSX5 Awesome device and Exceeds Expectations. Sea bass, mid and high. Love the ease of use and the price of this unit provides backing vocals. This is really a sweet spot in terms of cost and quality. Then we waited for the size of the device. Everything is in proportion. Bass is not excessive and is not static or cutting is good. So far I have only used this connected, will update when I carry a cell phone. I enjoyed it a lot as a speaker for any function portable homes are icing on the cake this time. Have gone through at least three different channels 5.1 surround sound set, computer stereo speaker Receiver no end and I can say with confidence that the quality of the sound that comes out of this small box (surprise) is almost as good as nothing. Bluetooth is also smooth, with a wide range of apartments and there is no intervention or connection problem.

Sony SRSX5

Sony SRSX5

Just have to remember what you have here: a small box with 20 Watts behind it. This will not keep the dance floor. If you want to DJ a party, you are going to need a lot more power than any portable speakers can give. But if you're looking for a Sony SRSX5 speaker to deliver awesome audio quality that fills a single room in low volume moderated, look no further.

Sony SRSX5 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $179.00

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