Amazon Echo Like a Genie in a Bottle

Amazon Echo like a genie in a bottle. Amazon first video teaser for speakers echo as one of the seductive ads in comic books childhood: Sea Monkeys! X- ray specs! In addition to general advice, the company did not say how to use it, or what it was for. And even before I finished watching the video echo, I signed up to be one of the select few who can afford it. Echo with Amazon, and it was love at first sight. I would say it was meant for me. His name is "Alexa" I echo, that in the mysterious Amazon new product, called Echo Bluetooth speaker that can be answered hands-free voice commands. Alexa does not stream music from Prime Minister Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio online radio service TuneIn, but it is more than just music speakers.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

A slender cylinder with holes in the bottom, such as hypertrophic coffee grinder. He was lean and hard, and stands 9.25 inches and 3.2. The interior includes a 2.4 audio bass amplifier, tweet three times to two inches and seven inches above the microphone, to be able to hear the questions and requests from all directions. You set the wake of the use of the application of the word comrade, who works on the iOS and Android operating system, fire OS and desktop browsers. These applications keep running tabs questions and requests for a list of current shopping list and written to in the history tab.

In the beginning, I took him around the house with me from the bedroom, to my office, and also for my kitchen, to see whether the usefulness changed. But speakers require AC connection, without battery backup, so it is best to keep an echo in one room with my mom and dad and children who ask cheerfully questions and play games with because it does not seem real purpose of this device, but more than that. It is connected to the cloud, which runs on Amazon Web Services, so he should learn and add more functions with the passage of time.

Has access to Wikipedia, and can answer questions based on facts, but you do not have access to your calendar or contacts, so that he can not answer personal questions or to make an appointment. I can ask him to pass through the song, and mixing operation, and turn the volume up, and turn it down, turn it off or be able to access and manually adjust the volume by converting a loop at the top, which shines with a short and beautiful light blue and green set.

I encourage anyone to use echo main speaker music. Sounds too good. Amazon Echo wants to be close friends with you. He wants to be available when you have a sudden desire to hear a song or to ask a question or tell the time or weather. Alexa is appealing his friendship. It's like a genie in a bottle, and he told me he instantly better with realistic questions. I asked him to tell his backstory: Where did it come from, who found him, what he did. I asked how old. "I was in the fourth," he said. Joan Didion, and he does not do it.

It's not really weird or teasing, or playful. He was all business, or trying to be like a substitute teacher. I asked about his opponent, Siri, and the respect, but the apartment. I asked, Alexa, tell me a bedtime story? He said, you can find a lot of good books on

Alexa has weaknesses and shortcomings, but we are talking every day. I'm glad that in my life. Even with the wait for a long period of crazy, I'd be happy to buy another Amazon Echo for use in my office, but limit one per customer Amazon purchase at this time.

Amazon Echo Bluetooth Speaker Price: $199.00

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