Beolit 15 Hardly Fair to Compare Other Speakers

Bang & Olufsen Hardly fair to compare other speakers. Beolit 15 The sound quality is excellent. With 240 Watts can easily fill me and I can hear all the sounds in the song, you cannot hear the other speakers. I love the way three times and a different musical sounds with these speakers. It is a strong bass. I prefer more direct sound, and it seems more natural to me. Recently found happiness bang & Olufsen ownership. I started with bioblai and A2 now Paulette 15. Your great music alike. 15 Pollet heavier and bigger than bioblai A2. Both voted with fantastic 15 Paulette maxing out at 240 Watts and A2 maxing out 180 Watts. One of these has a amazing voice filling the room depth, clarity and bass. I put in one and not happy, works best as a stereo pair, although this does not match the sound quality of warm up with the speaker. But the added flexibility use batteries and can go where there are no electrical outlets. Moderate size we listen to music, I love it because he likes techno sound quality with low-volume bass. The battery is a moderate size really nice to listen to music. Works well in small spaces, even though a better sound from the wall.

Beolit 15

Beolit 15

Build quality is very good. I think it's a beautiful device. Unique looks and may not be for everyone, but I love it. A nice leather belt and makes it easier to carry around. I wish Beolit 15 used material that was created to deal with, and human skin, and not appear to be compatible, it comes with cord black white surprise more elegant, on the other hand, black background that blends more easily than white as possible. The umbilical cord in addition to stoos away when not being used. Champagne color and style don't look out of place either modern or contemporary decor.

Bang & Olufsen Beolit 15 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $599.00

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