Inateck BP2001 Great Sound and Good Battery Life

Inateck BP2001 great sound and good battery life. For the low price offered to, and this is the best Bluetooth Speaker. I was very skeptical when I want to try it, sycned the first time in a very easy and I was surprised how easy it is with the battery life is also very good. This volume of the speakers was nice to see some interest in large capacity battery and sound quality. It's small enough to carry with you or do a day trip, but has a full sound enough to satisfy most users. Very good speaker and the quality of the product in this price range. Several speakers with Bluetooth you get a hollow sound. I was surprised at the overall design and simple to use loudspeakers and thought after the sound output will be less then equivalent. Well I was wrong. Was the voice of a living room and loud enough to entertain people.

Inateck BP2001

Inateck BP2001

In the past I have used computer speakers connected to your laptop through the presentation, I tried these speakers was a lot crisper and difficult. I will not bore you with the details you can read in the above specification. I received this unit as a copy of the review and recommended for some other people to buy just the fact that I really enjoyed the sound quality and design of this small speaker size.

Very good battery life I had more than 9 hours on high volume to some extent with some of the remaining power, the sound levels more humble you should be able to expand that a little bit more than that, even if you are using the AUX input and Bluetooth will not be used.

Has done it again with another Inateck great product. Function calls are controlled Bluetooth speaker by one press call button to answer and end a double and a single press redial the last number. Built in microphone does a good job with voice clear and easy for others to listen to me taking. Bluetooth tested a group of about 8 meters may vary, depending on the device that you send from and if it is a clear line of sight (not the wall decreases slightly) any complaints here clean signal and not dropping well.

Balanced audio output with some good reproduction bass, mid clean and tone three times, has done maker a good job to make sure that any one area of ​​the marshes of the other vocals are crisp and strong bass enough without having to be on the impact on the other side of the frequency. In case it is the voice of the speaker more completely than you can imagine the size, but the important part is the sound quality is not only the size and speakers provide excellent sound that will suit a variety of tastes musical differences. Looks good though Aux input although you may need to adjust the volume on the device does not play that way too high.

It looks great! Well worth the money! Really enjoyed Bluetooth capability. As shown him. I highly recommend Inateck BP2001 to anyone.

Inateck BP2001 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $29.99

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