Scosche BoomBottle Good Durable Water Resistant Speaker

Scosche BoomBottle Good Durable Water Resistant Speaker. I like it and people really liked it because they built a collection of theaters. It may sound good on the road, in the Office or on the stage. Very good battery life, Bluetooth works great with iPhone connected to the Super fast. I've bought a few more gifts. Bought a bottle of Pom speaker, and quite satisfied. Originally bought to use music on my bike, but I find myself far more often in use then was originally scheduled. This is exactly what many portrayed in online media. Not the greatest sound and good weather resistant durable easy-to-use portable speakers. The audio quality is very good for small size. Decent bass response and have a problem unless you maximum size. Omni-directional speakers so no matter how good loudspeakers. It's simple to pair with a mobile phone and a Tablet PC, or you can even connect to bluetooth hands-free audio device equipped with a mini jack that connects via direct.

Scosche BoomBottle

Scosche BoomBottle Speaker

Battery life Scosche BoomBottle is amazing. Use it 9 hours a day without any problem. Just call back when I get home and I'm good for one day of music. Built very solid and can take real wear and water. Have I used it in the rain a couple of times when the storm comes and does not have a single problem. Finally it works easily microphone for hands-free calls. Very happy with this product

Scosche BoomBottle Bluetooth Speaker Price: $101.49

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