Braven LUX Crystal Clear Sound and Lots of Stereo Effect

Braven LUX crystal clear sound and lots of stereo effect. The sound quality is pretty good. The size is large enough so that you don't forget where you there and is small enough to easily move from one place to the next. I like it, a little Bluetooth is really pretty good wireless speakers. She has a decent sound for the size of the device. Beautiful design with perforated pattern really looks like a speaker. I'm so in love with these speakers and the manner that this speaker looks, look design, you place it anywhere, and it looks nice. One of the useful things about it is that it has a rubber skid on the bottom, which pad it is less prone to plug it if from slipping. I really have to appreciate, if a company has done little, practical things. The button to turn on and adjust the volume below the touch pad rubber, is so easy to use it, even in the dark plus has covered buttons add a waterproof features announced. The other end of the port, a removable rubber hat hats to keep that also AIDS in moisture out.

Braven LUX

Braven LUX

The sound of this instrument is amazing, crystal clear water and rich stereo like effect because sound comes from both sides. Find the Bluetooth connection of everything that I used very quickly have the one thing that I love, that I had previously not a do again interrupted my connection to the second, what happens if you are on WiFi, it connects and remains not more each time reset.

The Panel has a rubber plug hide end Sockets-a nice touch, but tends to be lost, if removed. I carry it from room to room and listen to music and podcasts, and I think the battery life is good. I have also a much larger speaker has slightly better sound good. This time mine more trustworthy is coupled to. If the speaker on and switched off power supplied, it makes the sound. Higher, rising tone for the lower tones, and suddenly in the off position. It took time to figure out what is what. Light also flashes through the perforation in the future.

I want to listen to Pandora or other music apps, if I sit out this summer. I use an Android tablet. To use good, you need to pair it with your device. Directions say to turn off your device, make sure that Bluetooth enabled good also, then press on the pair in the settings your device beeps twice look good. Then, he should be recognised by your device so that you can then select it. I live in a small house, but I leave the tablet in the living room and went home with the entire level good cut not dimming or blades. Then to walk through the level of the basement and first floor of the same sound decent. So this must contain to penetrate at least 30 feet or more and several walls.

The brochure says it is not water-proof, splash-proof so that it can drown a little wet, but not. It has a rubber coating and comfortable cover plugs and connections where all, so I'm pretty sure quick spill immediately removed or sudden rain it does not damage, if the move Brave LUX as soon as possible, but it must be fast.

Braven LUX Bluetooth Speaker Price: $91.72

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