EasyAcc DP100 Battery Guarantees Hours of Music

EasyAcc DP100 battery guarantees hours of music. EasyAcc portable speaker delivers excellent sound. I love this product, of the small, hard, really hard. I've been playing music for about an hour, and not dead yet. This is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys listening to music in their spare time because they surround speaker types very durable and full. The top right of the volume control and gives a clear sound. Downloaded one of your favorite songs to give you the idea of the sound quality of these speakers. I also have a dual function. You can charge your phone or Tablet and connect via Bluetooth and take anywhere from around, or you can connect directly to your computer or phone and run it directly from there. With up to 25 hours of time cost, you can spend the day cleaning, travel, outdoors in the Sun, and has a great voice, quality music with Bluetooth handset EasyAcc lightweight and portable. Model of EasyAcc bluetooth speaker giant 2200 mAh battery ensures hours of music and sound for the next hour. Again, this company brings a different design that separates these speakers from the rest of the competition in the market.

EasyAcc DP100

EasyAcc DP100

Pay the speakers mainly wrapped around the speaker Grill design, although 4W one-way audio driver as far as I know. There is also a shiny chrome trim on the top edge of the unit, giving off a neat contrast with the rest of the unit. The power button and the volume control at the top of the speaker enclosure. To turn the unit on/off switch located on the back of the AIDS unit more fees and micro-USB. Thanks to the sound driver, branched 4W moderate sound quality should make every effort to preserve most of the low and high notes. So this was a conversationalist compact and lightweight, this unit began losing clarity at high volume, maximum, which makes no sense. Generally, the sound plays over 75% are perfectly acceptable.

Any test, maintain speaker Bluetooth stable wireless connection iPhone 6 from opposite sides of the Office about 30 feet or more. Auxiliary input port or headphones are also available on EasyAcc DP100 portable speaker those who prefer cable connection. It should also be noted that the battery life for this product is performing admirably, and lasted for hours and hours of audio playback from a full charge. Quick, simple and effective.

EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker DP100 Price: $35.99

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