Inateck BR1001 Battery Can Last Up to 5 Hours

Inateck BR1001 battery can last up to 5 hours. I love I can be charged and used at the same time. Overall, I really like it. This works very well and does exactly what it should do. Now you can keep my system speakers and use it wirelessly, rather than having to buy a whole new speakers. It also synched up seamlessly with my Android phone. The speaker system in my hobby room in the basement that require the iPhone to connect to it in order to work. The basic language of computer system with two satellite speakers and one subwoofer. Small and very large group. I have connected to my amplifier in my bedroom, and stream the music smartvoni me to this amazing. One of the obstacles when shipping, it can not be used. The cost of fast but with continuous battery. Consider this small device, the battery can last up to 5 hours before you reach the maximum.

Inateck BR1001

Inateck BR1001

Generally very good work with no problems. The ability to convert the device for Bluetooth modern. Very simple design, light weighted small and compact to fit in tight places. Easy setup and pairing with Bluetooth enabled devices. A variety of length, there is no delay or distortion of sound while being converted and connected. Basic playback controls the simple into the device for easy access.

I really want to upgrade to Bluetooth speakers sort of there, where they can have the iPhone as soon as my speaker system that allows this to happen. I ended up giving the receiver Bluetooth to try, and I'm very glad that I did. Charge the unit via USB and it didn't take long to fill. It's easy for couples to the iPhone, with no problems at all. After the pair already, I connect the wire from the speaker system to the recipient, and simplicity, it is done. I start the music player on the phone, good quality immediately the music coming through the speakers on!!!

Each function on the phone works perfectly, and now can I have my Inateck BR1001 speaker on one side of the room and my phone with me on the other side can even unmanageable and still listen to music. Cool. Highly recommended!

Inateck BR1001 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $13.99

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