Cambridge Sound Go V2 for Real Music Lovers

Cambridge Sound Go V2 for real music lovers. I bought this to listen to classical music, which means I must not seem prosperity. Three times is quite clear, quite decent least to hear classical music, but limited to the center looks like. Distortion occurs only when I heard solo with the maximum size. Go V2 will stream music directly from your smartphone or tablet or computer in high quality. Using the latest Bluetooth technology, and Go V2 keep your heart pounding like a room full of sound. Sound incredible, sound and music from your iPhone, iPad, smartphone or tablet computers or high-performance filling space. Go V2 battery can up to 18 hours, so that you can go fast and can be controlled easily built to last a sleek design with just a pair of devices and play connect wirelessly to the phone or tablet computer or computer that supports Bluetooth stamina.

Cambridge Sound Go V2

Cambridge Sound Go V2

To music all day long, it is equipped with the latest Go V2 technology rechargeable battery so you can enjoy the music when you're at home and while traveling up to 18 hours. Go V2 up to 8 devices for the rapid re-contact.

Sounding audio performance, Cambridge Sound Go V2 was created by combining hi-fi speakers and digital signal processing (DSP) latest technology. And set to music with high-quality speakers to the sound of your favorite songs with amazing details. The biggest surprise was the amount of bass pumping thanks to the rear mounted active bass radiator and fits snugly in a smaller space and is perfect for hiding on a shelf or put on the table. Give this as a gift ideal for real music lovers.

Cambridge Sound Go V2 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $175.46

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