Omaker M4 Excellent Design and Incredible Audio Quality

Omaker M4 excellent design and incredible audio quality. I really liked. Best decision ever! A portable, worked at cost. I use it primarily in cars and a smart phone, and when I do a party in the park or something. Could be a bit more difficult though. I went with these speakers because I really want something water proof, as I can see everybody leaving the terrace or something. I'm looking at others who try and have a really good speaker phone capabilities, but since it is not water proof I decided to go with this. Sound is good and strong, then you would think that from a small package. I have a 4 or five other speakers, ranging from the economic to the highest end and this surely has a place and will be used often. I was blown away by the rich sound that is produced by these small speakers.

Omaker M4

Omaker M4

This is the perfect size to hang from my umbrella on the beach. I was so impressed with it that I purchased 2 additional speakers as gifts for family and friends. Bought for my son and he loved it. I bought him originally for use in the bathroom and a boat, but brought with him every day. Bluetooth speakers are great, when sent to you comes with: speakers, aux cable, micro USB cable, and network.

The left speaker is the pit reset, Aux audio input port and Micro USB charging port. On top of the speakers power On/Off key, when you press the power button the speaker automatically switches to Bluetooth mode, by encouraging sound and the indicator light flashes. Other top side buttons include call pick up/pause music, volume increase button previous track/next track and volume. To jump to the next all you have to do is press and displays the volume you need to do is to press for a long time. The same applies to the previous button/track volume.

At the bottom of the NFC, the induction zone speaker and Horn on the top spy inside. Rapid induction of NFC connection: the device supports near field communication and are able to connect your mobile phone or other device that supports fast Bluetooth NFC couple. After you have successfully connected to the speaker once, will automatically connect to the device, and other devices to connect to the speaker you will have to disable the Bluetooth on the device or disconnect it from the device. Also, once you are connected, you can control the music on your phone through the speakers in this way play, pause or volume upwards or downwards; at the same time, the speaker is suitable to make or receive calls.

Speakers can also be connected via the aux cable, all you have to do is insert the cord into the aux audio input port and connect the cables to the device. Charging time varies between 3 and 4 minutes and playing time is approximately 12 hours. Overall, the speaker Omaker M4 is really very good, has a great design and has an amazing sound quality and bass. The instructions make it very easy for me to use the device; the instructions are available in both United Kingdom and I think in Japan or China. The speaker was really light and very easy to carry around. Highly recommend it.

Omaker M4 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $34.99

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