Sony SRSX55 Very Strong and Fits with the Spectrum of Sound

Sony SRSX55 very strong and fits with the spectrum of sound. This speaker kicks! The sound is clean, clear and sharp. I have almost a week... Best Bluetooth speakers and much, much more!. I can hear that every instrument is crisp and clear. Yes, the bass, bass is probably the best out there for the portable speaker of this size, I'm very excited that speaker as follows, can not believe what I was missing by other speakers to listen to! If you value the quality of the sound and you need a Portable Bluetooth speaker, Sony SRSX55 is the way to go. The review is the place, if years X available now compare 5 and 55 X, this new model has a lot of clean bass and much more on the line. Installed output 5 integrated 30 watt and 20 Watts battery during the X one is 20 Watts and I believe the battery 9 Sony claims "up to 10 hours" per battery charge. How to get the most of the competition you the value of the battery when you connect you the wire but I approx. 5 hours of streaming music over Bluetooth can get. Buy it... No regrets!

Sony SRSX55

Sony SRSX55

Sony SRSX55 have well defined, is a bass and midrange detail, which creates a sound, open and natural. It takes approximately 10 to 15 hours burglary. Break-in period after it overperforms and limitations of Bose sound unit. Sony SRSX55 slightly smaller but thicker than the Bose, which my wife. I bought an older SRSX5 transport bag and found it very suitable for new SRSX55. I hope that's so stylish or was integrated as the case I bought bags II but Sony for my wife Bose sound link for my needs perfectly and allow me to my case speaker to throw and take care not to harm, when I travel. However, it is sent to the provide great sound and perfect for my needs.

Technology that Sony SRSX55 used the very nice, during last year's model using's voice button on the device is a main difference is heard, but if you now it increases low quality MP3's and sounds much cleaner with full sound. Bass not strong, but very strong and fit in well with the full spectrum of sound. I have all kinds of music this bad boy thrown and everything sounds awesome and very hard little distortion can play. This is in small to medium rooms fill I, are very good, but really made indoors as out, which is the best in heard of under $200-price class.

Sony SRSX55 Bluetooth Speaker Price $178.00

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