Bluesim Really Hard and Good Bass

Bluesim really hard and good bass. Great little speakers! Great sound out of a small box and very easy to use. It has a good battery life, very loud and clear. Connect with Bluetooth, so there is no settings, super easy. For the price, you can ask for more. You definitely get your money's worth. This certainly gives the speaker the sound quality is the same as the other speakers I have owned twice the cost. When connecting speakers to my phone, I was fascinated by the sounds coming from it. Has a nice bass that is sharper and the venerable high-middle range. No voice, superficial me. For this price range, this is an exceptional unit. It is a great speaker for the higher price of what I paid for it.



Great sound quality, good for the price. very satisfied! Liked it especially because it can be used with the phone. I must say that when I heard them that morning, I was very surprised with the quality of sound. Very small and therefore fits easily into the car and it will be good for camping. Can I get one for myself. Awesome sound, with crisp highs and Yes produces a very real low, which does not affect the MIDs and highs, maybe it's not so difficult, but it is close. To be honest I think it looks just as good! A real theft and a pleasant surprise. Use daily in my Office, many congratulations.

The bass is very good from the Government by then, and a sound quality is excellent. Volume was exceptional, with a lot of noise to fill the room. I must say that it is without a doubt the best I have heard speakers for the money. They really are good enough even for the music, even if it was the main purpose you can invest in more expensive speakers. I was expecting a hot sound from the plastic Windows, light for the price. I need a pair of speakers that will only work cheap either. I can say I am really happy with the purchase. Really hard and a good bass for its size. For the price, I'm sure you can't go wrong. If you need some computer speakers, qualified small, for public use, Bluesim is a good choice.

Bluesim Bluetooth Speaker Price: $39.99

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