Captain Big Power Small Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

Captain Big Power small bluetooth speaker with FM radio. These speakers have a very unique look, it worked perfectly and sounds very good. This coupled with fast and do it without any problems. I really like these speakers. Be able to play music with a great speaker system sound that is truly portable. The quality for the price. The sound quality is amazing for the price and was very surprised by how loud it can get. Long lasting battery. It also has Bluetooth, micro SD slot and aux cable connections. Alarm clock as well. Captain Big Power keep up the good work, this is worth the money paid for it. Has a layer of rubber, but can't stand the water, in fact, is not created for it. These speakers are a little surprised me for sure, I'm not sure if it is worth it for the price when I open the box and look at the case, but now play around with the bass is really good for the size of this small pleasure. I bought it. This is perfect!

Captain Big Power

Captain Big Power

I am very satisfied with the wireless bluetooth speakers Captain Big Power. Take to work with me the first day I got it, my colleagues were enthusiastic about the noise coming from this little box. All I can say is pretty noisy and the sound quality is good. Satisfied!

Small devices are pretty good, there is a lot of choice if you are looking for a tiny bluetooth speaker with FM radio FM reception is good. I was like an alarm clock. The sound quality is great and strong enough for internal use. Pair with the iPhone is quick and easy. Long battery life, I used this for 3 days and still half full. The sound quality is very good. I highly recommend Captain Big Power if you're looking for a bluetooth speaker with FM radio but small.

Captain Big Power Bluetooth Speaker Price: $36.00

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