Expower EX-BS03 Compact and Durable

Expower EX-BS03 compact and durable. Excellent speaker. Very happy with this small speaker! Sounds pretty good considering the size and the price. It's a really good small speakers for what you pay. The products are an excellent sound quality and clear. It has me blown out of the water with the quality, battery life, and the voice clarity. Very suitable for outdoor use, or even in the bathroom with bluetooth or aux cable. Some other features include Bluetooth 4.0, covering a wide range of about 10 meters and the NFC technology that makes it easy for a pressure on the installation. On the other hand you that you the power button to turn it on and hold until you hear him say "Connect me" hold this means that in pairing mode. Large and very loud sound. You will be able to use it in the car, on the beach, by the pool and in the forest if you want to also. Speaker portable enough to use. It's really powerful for its size. Sound from a small speaker is amazing. And it is waterproof I tested, I am stuck to keep it under water for a few minutes while taking a bath and it never got messed up by the sink. It's a really good small speakers for what you pay.

Expower EX-BS03

Expower EX-BS03

Solid small speakers. In the box you get a speaker carabiner clip, USB to micro-USB charging cable and a standard AUX AUX cable along with a manual. It has a detachable silicone sleeves that offer additional protection and to stop sliding on your desk etc. I would use it for a total of 30 hours without being filled. I really charging my phone now as I write this review. Works well outside during Bbq and bathroom desk during rain. The sound quality is great and it is as hard as a speaker of this size ever should be. It also looks great and all my friends have praised the overall quality. I recommend this versatile Bluetooth speaker.

Great sound and loud enough, it is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof Portable Bluetooth speaker that you have the long hours of play time on a full charge. It also can also be used as the power bank to charge your device with a 3600mAh battery you much of life for playback and charging your devices at the same time. Now with Bluetooth is enabled on your device, you need to look and it will automatically connect and you will the power indicator next to the logo of Bluetooth devices that will tell you how much power Bluetooth speakers are left.

The power button also serves as the play/pause button and call answer button, to call you on this button for two seconds. Then you have the volume track skip button. Press once to skip to the song and to stick to it to activate volume. Device playback quality is very good, with clear sound with bass level. All in all this was a very good speaker, that looks great and sounds even better. It pairs with my device simple and quick, and even a little beep so you know it is linked to. It is a versatile speaker, well made and strong who did an excellent job. It is compact and durable. You can even answer phone calls while bathing. I would certainly recommend Expower EX-BS03 to anyone looking for a cheap device that pumps out a great sound.

Expower EX-BS03 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $39.95

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