House of Marley EM-FA001-PT Beautiful Wood Panels

House of Marley EM-FA001-PT beautiful wood panels create a drawing and feels solid. These speakers look very impressive. Very sound music. Bass output without a remarkable treble. Great sound, good medium-high range with good low range can be expected according to the diameter of the speaker. It is difficult that may disturb the neighbors. Easy to connect to a source of music via bluetooth. I think it's worth the price. The problem just might have a shot or I get is specific only when one of these Bluetooth, but certainly could be the phone and not the speaker unit and in any case, the sound using the attachment directly via the mini plug is always excellent. The sound feels like it comes from a Hi-Fi installation directly from your iphone speaker system is very impressive.

House of Marley EM-FA001-PT

House of Marley EM-FA001-PT

I created one via bluetooth with my phone so we have some music, then take another drive and take it out where I set it with another phone so we have some music outdoors as well. All comments about how good they sound. They couldn't believe how the presence of goalkeeper has to a small package.

Overall this a great speaker. I don't find this to be a problem when I turn on the volume of my speaker source device can rock the House and couldn't hear any distortion. Very beautiful voice, an excellent orator that construction is done, absolutely no vibration or noise in addition to the voice coming from the speakers. I think it would not be in accord with classical music lovers but for something else, these speakers rock. Aesthetically House of Marley EM-FA001-PT speaker with beautiful wood panels create a design feels solid and it looks really good in the kitchen, the dining room or on a shelf. Highly recommend it.

House of Marley EM-FA001-PT Bluetooth Speaker Price: $299.99

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