House of Marley EM-JA005-MI Have a Great Full Sound Quality

House of Marley EM-JA005-MI have a great full sound quality. Great product! These speakers are awesome. Sounds good, sounds great, clean and clear. For something this small, which I think will be bigger, but it has better sound quality is really good and I can hear it throughout the House. Really puts the sound. I can't believe how strong and clear sound as portable. While the aluminum cover gives a nice modern look. Very easy to use out of the box. Is filled and ready to play right away when I opened it. Bluetooth connectivity is strong. Sounds too impressive in size and price. A really good purchase. Very happy with these speakers. Great little speakers! Very nice details with bamboo strips on the back and wrapped the cloth give it a very different, much prefer this look over something in plastic.

House of Marley EM-JA005-MI

House of Marley EM-JA005-MI

The speaker is about 8 "in length overall and has 4 speakers are covered by a tough aluminium casing with the back covered with dark green fabric hemp grey. Subject to this one, connect your phone via bluetooth, turn it on and I was impressed. You have to hold the button on the bluetooth speaker until the device that was found. When you turn on or off the speakers by pressing a stenciling, will begin the "M" in front of the speaker blinking blue, look for the device. You can cause this mode again by pressing a stenciling bluetooth occurs for 3 seconds. So far, they have found a device capable of bluetooth that has trouble connecting to the speaker.

Has a nice sound, not noisy at all. Do not take a little to get me connected phone. Hidden buttons for volume, pairing and power are on top with rubber felt a bit so that they stand by the surrounding tissue. The sound quality is very good and I have no problem with breaking up to when I was about 15 feet from my device. I was indoors, so other disorders can have some play in it. Outside the home can get better signal strength House of Marley EM-JA005-MI with bluetooth. I am very pleased with this product. This was a conversationalist is serious. We strongly recommend.

House of Marley EM-JA005-MI Bluetooth Speaker Price: $74.98

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