I-Venstar CSR 4.0 Bluetooth Speaker Really Booming

I-Venstar CSR 4.0 bluetooth speaker really booming. Is a small speaker. It seems so small in the picture, but when we arrived it was bigger than what I thought it was about the size of my hand can be a little smaller. This quality Bluetooth wireless speaker water resistant. The sound that comes out of this little speaker is quite impressive. A small speaker, definitely make a lot of noise. Volume go really quite loud and very clear. Easily connect speakers via Bluetooth. This became one of the best handheld portable Bluetooth speaker I have ever heard. Comes in a beautiful box with top speakers and plug and instructions below. It is very easy to configure. Also answered calls on these speakers. On the speaker button to answer the call. You can change the name in order not to get confused. You can also connect the device to the speakers via the audio cable that is easy to navigate between modes and take some radio stations. There is no need to worry about losing it or find a place to put it.

I-Venstar CSR 4.0

I-Venstar CSR 4.0

Overall, I was very impressed with this speaker. The sound is very clear and super easy to use. Make it easy to connect to something and keep it in place. Even as the speakers are waterproof and made of thick plastic is shock proof. I can take it into the shower with me and jam out to my favorite songs. Ideal for taking with you almost anywhere you go, hiking, camping, picnics in the Park, anywhere. I am very very happy with it and I think it will be interesting even for those who love Portable Bluetooth speaker. I am very pleased that these speakers. I-Venstar CSR 4.0 bluetooth speaker can really booming. I recommend to anyone looking for a good product and reliable speaker.

I-Venstar CSR 4.0 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $35.99

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