SoundPal Cube F1 Little Gem with Great Sound Quality

SoundPal Cube F1 little gem with great sound quality. I love this little speaker. Big sound, small and portable. The sound of a small cube. The theory of the thing that I dislike, it is how hard it starts when turned on and the Bluetooth connection. This is a very good product with an excellent sound quality. It charges quickly and easily synchronizes. I bought a different speaker for more money. A lot of static electricity. It does not have this problem. Perfect for picnics and trips! Watch movies on the phone with the President on the side every night. Speaker, this is exactly what I needed, easy to use, compact and very good project. I love these speakers so! The sound is clear and of high quality. Works perfectly till now! It is easy to fill space or provide the perfect accompaniment to a day at the beach.

SoundPal Cube F1

SoundPal Cube F1

Connect bluetooth devices. Out of the box ready to go. Certainly more expensive that acting, how easy it is, it was for couples and is very happy with the sound quality. No batteries or wires except when it is time to be filled. Install in a few seconds for smartphones, but not your ipod, because I found... Do your homework. One machine big bass reel, but ideal for small meetings or afternoon in the pool.

Looks good and easy to use for the quality and price. The songs I played through it, the last panic! at the disco, the album features layers that I had never heard until you use these speakers. It is very amazing for the size and price. The speaker automatically connects to my phone, when I was at the beach. Battery life was as advertised, we will see how it changes with use. It is very easy to connect and use. SoundPal Cube F1 is a little gem with a great sound quality for something so small. All my friends love it also. They all buy one for their personal use. I would recommend without reservation these speakers to anyone who needs one.

SoundPal Cube F1 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $18.99

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