Tech Acoustics WS 507E Great Sound and Bass Music

Tech Acoustics WS 507E great sound and bass music. Great product! Is the first thing I have to say about this product and I must say that the first appearance of impressed. Good for the size and price, but sturdy and waterproof, so you get what you pay for. I was really amazed by the sound quality and the ease of use and is a fantastic speaker. Synchronization of this smart phone speaker is very easy. The sound quality is very good even when placed in a shower with hard water. Is perfect and the overall appearance of a waterproof speaker, listen to music and answer phone calls if necessary. Make bigger better and work well for outdoor use beat many quality electronic sounds. Used when mowing the lawn, digging holes, jogging stroller, playing in the back yard is great, it felt from yards away. The phone is connected to a great speaker and has a hook to close via Internet upload phone charger connector used.

Tech Acoustics WS 507E

Tech Acoustics WS 507E

Perfect, right out of the box! Don't make that call yet but the music and the sound works like a champ! The sound quality is great, solid, are not at all surprised that speaker features the Tech Acoustics WS 507E wrapped in this small package. The bass is great, and the music sounds great, can use bluetooth for listening to Pandora. We strongly recommend.

Tech Acoustics WS 507E Bluetooth Speaker Price: $79.95

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