Tech-Life BeatBlock Connect The Phone Really Easy

Tech-Life BeatBlock connect the phone really easy. Great little speaker!! I am using beatblock I a day while I'm working and I thought I'd share my experience with you is happening at the moment. Use all the time for my apartment when we have people over as well as when I'm in my apartment pools. I also bought this for my wife for a phone and a tablet and have a good quality item and difficult to listen to. My wife we had complaints, until the latter just stopped working. I'm really pleased and impressed by the quality of the product. The speaker is connected to the phone really easy. Speaker size I could not ask for better. I switched, I remember why buy this product, loud music, clean, clear, beautiful and I had no problem.

Tech-Life BeatBlock

Tech-Life BeatBlock

Excellent product, I can't believe how good the sound quality when playing music. I bought a bunch of different powered speakers. and none of them can compete with BeatBlock. I'm streaming Pandora from my I phone and leave it connected, but I can take almost anywhere in BeatBlock workshops and still get my songs. I sent over by Beatblock customer expects nothing back just want to let them know how pleased and impressed me with their products, and they promptly sent back thanking me for sharing my experience. To top it off, even offered to replace my device for free. Customer service is very good! Thank you! Definitely would recommend Tech-Life BeatBlock to all my friends who are looking for a Bluetooth speaker.

Tech-Life BeatBlock Bluetooth Speaker Price: $69.99

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