AYL SoundFit IPX5 Great Small Products

AYL SoundFit IPX5 great small products. It is a product that is really well done. It is a nice compact size and light weight. You can feel the solid construction as soon as you hold. The sound quality is very good, has a very good voice and clear, bass is also good for small speakers. Its crisp. Sound. It is amazing to see how much bass that came out of this little guy. Easy to connect, decent has a range and offer a certain level of resistance to water. Especially if you will use it in the bathroom, where you won't really notice. All in all this is a very nice Unify I still love listening to music while I'm in the shower. It is very hard and fill my bathroom and my patio with lots of music.

AYL SoundFit IPX5

AYL SoundFit IPX5

I love the fact is that it has a resistance to water and a battery life of 10 hours. Fully charged in approximately 4 hours. After the charge, it lasted about 10 hours of play. Easily connect to a Bluetooth device. Stereo sound quality with a good dynamic range and the lowest pleasant. I would like that there on the bottom, and a hand strap mounting screws. It is waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant. It looks and feels military grade. It has a rubber suspension strap and the hanging of metal solid hook.

These speakers exchanged each atmosphere. We take everywhere. It was really nice was this speaker can be recharged with the provided USB cable. I love how easy it is paired with my iPhone, I can listen to my favorite music. I am very satisfied with the quality of these speakers. AYL SoundFit IPX5 is a great little product. These speakers are the perfect size and I loved having a such fixed rubber strap makes it easy to take anywhere.

AYL SoundFit IPX5 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $29.95

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