Comsun BS-005 Beautiful LED So Awesome

Comsun BS-005 beautiful LED so awesome. The product is really awesome, sounds impressive for the price. Bluetooth wireless speakers is as small as possible have a great voice. This has been a hard outdoor wireless speaker crazy with crystal clear audio sound output and has waterproof so that most can be taken anywhere with me no worries. Very impressed, it has a good crispy clear sound when listening to my songs. This sounds just as good and the price is so much better. High quality and beautiful LED makes it so awesome. Connecting via Bluetooth so quickly. Too easy to connect bluetooth and also have a connector AUX for iphone. Micro USB charging cable included, cable aux hook and loop. Visually, the speaker looks very sleek. This is convenient for me when I want to listen to music through Bluetooth 4.0. The music is of high quality and unique design I really like it.

Comsun BS-005

Comsun BS-005

Waterproof is the best feature I like. Very suitable for bringing these products to the beach while listening to music and seeing the waves up and down. These speakers also fits the Bill all the way around. In addition, the battery is good, I can listen to music with high volumes in 9 hours. I love the look of black with silver edges. It can be connected to Your belt loop, handbag, backpack, bicycle or anything.

The construction is solid, not some thin speaker. It was clear and beautiful quality control is easy to use and easy to fill out. Comsun BS-005 has LED beautiful so amazing. You can listen to music with friends and connect to the device, bring whenever and wherever wanted.

Comsun BS-005 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $34.99

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