I-Venstar S404 Cycling Looks Very Sturdy

I-Venstar S404 Cycling looks very sturdy. These speakers are so much better than I imagined. Bluetooth speaker has some very interesting features, water-resistant, dust-resistant and shock resistant. Good functionality and built to withstand damage, robust enough, so it is ideal to take advantage. Although it is small in size but its really powerful. I like the design, it seems very robust lets you take it anywhere where you want and do not to be damaged. All I can say is that it is good enough for me. The battery can last all day. The audio sounds fine and hard, bluetooth works as well. It is easy to pair it with a smartphone and a variety of connectivity.

I-Venstar S404 Cycling

I-Venstar S404 Cycling

Bluetooth speaker is very suitable for sports activities. I took all the time when I'll be in the street. I think that this will be a regular speaker and has not taken the trouble of waiting for much. I do not need much, I want just a normal place of speakers for the items that I travel from time to time and go hiking with my friends. Project voice and great to take the camp and just enjoy the music or podcasts. It got delivered, I was surprised. can do much more than other luxury brands.

The sound can play very high and always ready to to please my ears and I'm cool with that. I also tried with water to see if it is really tight. I'm a bit surprised when I turned on the music and everything seems the same. I like music with I-Venstar S404 Cycling, seems very solid wherever I go, love it.

I-Venstar S404 Cycling Bluetooth Speaker Price: $42.99

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