I-Venstar Tempo Without Stopping to Answer The Phone

I-Venstar Tempo without stopping to answer the phone.The sound quality is amazing. A nice voice. His outstanding Chairman, loud and clear, no noise or static. I really love this speaker has a nice low and very easy to use. Portable Bluetooth Speaker connects via blutooth, additions, or play music directly from the Micro SD card. These speakers are speaking to you. I like this feature, I feel happy. Flat tell you that you are connected or not connected. I do not have a code compatible with these speakers. This portable bluetooth speakers work great. It can be recharged and compact, it can go wherever you go. My family and I really enjoyed the music. This means you can connect to a Bluetooth device, connect it to your iPod or MP3 player, or music of the load on the micro SD card and right speakers grab and go.

I-Venstar Tempo

I-Venstar Tempo

It has a long battery life as well. It can go up to 12 hours on a full charge. This product has two speakers in the front and what appeared to be standing behind a little. It has a beautiful voice and seems to have some power to get hard. He MIC to receive calls. You can pause, adjust volume, and navigate in the list of speakers, with ease. Paired with my phone almost instantly. I wish he would read what you call a phone number, and you can continue your conversation through the speaker. Super easy to use Bluetooth to connect the phone quickly without hassle.

This speaker is fitted with sticky mats that allow you to put it on a table or the dashboard of your car without worrying about it falling. What is really good because it has all the dishes that I do not have to worry about driving. The controls are simple and come with easy to follow instructions to help you set up and will be soon. Overall, the speakers are quality, looks good and works great. I am very pleased with this product and have no complaints. I-Venstar Tempo lit only pair with your device and enjoy what you are listening to without having to stop to answer the phone. I would recommend others to do.

I-Venstar Tempo Bluetooth Speaker Price: $35.99

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