Poweradd BS-FL211LB Automatically Connect to The Device

Poweradd BS-FL211LB automatically connect to the device. I am very pleased with this little speaker. Bluetooth portable speaker Poweradd is small but big in sound. I have a little and think they are great. This little speaker packs a high coup for its size. It can be hard enough. Having a high volume crisp, clear sound and good bass. It connects to your quickly and seamlessly device. As soon as you turn it on, he said, "Hi, I'm ready, waiting for a connection." Bluetooth connects to me easily. Super easy to connect your device via Bluetooth or NFC. He speaks to you clearly and tell you when it is ready to be coupled, when paired successfully and when the battery is low and must be completed. Bluetooth automatically connects to the device, it is also when you turn the rear speakers. This is an awesome feature because now you do not have to resynchronize it ready to go.

Poweradd BS-FL211LB

Poweradd BS-FL211LB

Excellent sound! Indeed, it is not intended to be howling at full capacity, but it will rock. Judging what is good enough. Highs and lows, mids. Lowest ok, but not earth shattering bass. A rating of the quality of sound and quality of construction. Sufficiently clear voice so that the price of these speakers. He himself seems well built. It has a decent size for the bluetooth speaker. Not too big, but not small either. 6 watts total two powerful speakers deliver dynamic, clear sound. Tactile control buttons above, looks great and is easy to use. Touch sensitive buttons take some getting used to, but after a while it was fine. Also A very good battery. Intelligent battery level displayed speaker on the iOS device. Built-in 1200mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery for up to 12 hours of playing time. I took it to work and operate for about eight hours and it was still going when we packed and ready to go.

He has a really nice look and style to it as well. Very well designed and well made. These speakers about one pound of body weight. It feels strong and durable with a charging cable and an additional cable if you do not have bluetooth. Poweradd BS-FL211LB bluetooth speaker is a good size wireless speakers are able to automatically connect to the device via Bluetooth and via an additional cable. Touch controls create a free tool button and change the device to a high-tech speaker. Highly recommended!

Poweradd BS-FL211LB Bluetooth Speaker Price: $39.99

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