Red Star Tec MusicDrum The Perfect Size

Red Star Tec MusicDrum the perfect size. I was very impressed by this speaker. This speaker is so slight, but really puts a voice. When I opened it, I was taken back by how small it is. But, as they say, good things come in small packages. I have a speaker much bigger and this seems obvious, and very magazine of the big ones. These speakers are Bluetooth, it comes with a strap so you can fill. The sound quality is amazing. I expect the speaker to be bigger, but it was beyond my expectations when I heard how loud it can get. Loud music, sharp and clear, with no crackling and static you get from some other speakers. The small speakers will surprise you in the sound coming from it. Volume itself is great, but the quality is very surprising. I do not believe that something so small could have such a great sound to it.

Red Star Tec MusicDrum

Red Star Tec MusicDrum

Red Star Tec MusicDrum is a perfect example of the great things come in small packages. I like the fact that it does not take up space on my desk and it is easy to throw in my bag to go places with me. The sound quality is good considering the small size. It has a good range of my smartphone. Easy to connect directly from the box. Time fast charging is connected to the laptop via USB. This speaker immediately paired with my phone without connectivity problems. There are three options on how to play your music. You can choose to pair your phone via Bluetooth, use additional cables or input SD card.

The lower part of the diffuser have this rubber stopper material that prevents slippage of the diffuser everywhere. So if you want to sit on the dashboard or any movement or slippery surfaces, you do not have to worry about moving. I am pleased with this product. I put at the bottom of the center speaker and also on my dashboard. Red Star Tec MusicDrum speakers will be the perfect size. This makes it possible to remain silent and to dispel fears that flew through the machine. Overall these speakers really just incredible. My batteries for an average of 2 hours. Because I use it in the car, it is more than enough time for me.

Red Star Tec MusicDrum Bluetooth Speaker Price: $22.95

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