5ive New Bee So Small That Fits in The Palm of Hand

5ive New Bee so small that fits in the palm of hand. I love these speakers. When I opened the package and saw the speaker that I immediately thought I lost my money. Honestly, when I received the package and open, I'm a little disappointed in the size of the speakers. I think there is no way this small speaker will be good. But after connecting my phone via Bluetooth to my mind blown. For a small device like that would make a big sound. I was surprised by the incredible sound that comes from this little box. Big speakers, big sound. Speakers blue tooth more powerful for the size I've ever used. These speakers fit in my hand and it sounds much better than my stereo. Exciting things from a small, good sound and easy to connect via Bluetooth. And I have no problems connecting and connects very quickly.

5ive New Bee

Very compact. But put a lot of noise. Much more than I expected. Bluetooth works fine. This open and Bluetooth 4.0 waterproof shower speaker. And I half submerged in the water and not get anything in the wet. Really worth the money. It is perfect to take with you on trips, small speakers with plenty of power. Exceptional sound and a better life of the battery. It takes time to fill and we were able to use 5ive President for 5 hours or more.

The overall sound quality is awesome and very hard. Big noise. It is small enough that you can take with you wherever you want to go. It comes with a micro USB for charging, the cable and manual. If you are looking for a small powerful speakers that you can take anywhere, this is the one for you. Sounds really good, it is a powerful, portable. This is a good quality speaker for money. 5ive New Bee so small speaker that fits in the palm of your hand. Fantastic and I highly recommend it.

5ive New Bee Bluetooth Speaker Price: $23.97

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